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Book and Collection launch

Day 2, Book Launch. During the Global Ethics Forum 2016, published and launched 6 new books and the Latin America collection. The launch was introduced by Ignace Haaz, Publications Manager, who led the event.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Publications table
The first addition to this series marks an important and timely contribution from the former Executive Director, Christoph Stückelberger, consisting of over 40 years of writing, research and contributions to academia—his magnum opus—collected into four volumes, as he steps down from his current position and transitions into his new role as President of the Board of Foundation. The range of topics covered in the 4 volumes touch all aspects of life, from religion to political ethics, to Environmental to bioethics and contents of the volumes vary between English, French and German, relevant for both academics and non-professionals.
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The second part of the event introduced the latest addition to the Global Series: Global Ethics for Leadership: Values and Virtues for Life. Edited by a symbolic collaboration between Christoph Stückelberger (the former Exec. Director and the new President of the Board), Walter Fust (the former President of the Board) and Obiora Ike (the new Exec. Director), the publication includes the contributions of 30 different authors based in each continent of the world representing of the ‘global' aspect of this ethical overview.
The final publication presented during launch was a contribution from the regional partners in Indonesia. Nina Mariani Noor, our Programme Executive, introduced it. The publication follows the 2016 – 2020 strategy focused on higher education. The publication contains articles themed around ethics in multicultural society, written by teachers to be used by students.
The online Latin America collection was also presented to the attendees. This collection has a focus on Latin American Ethics and Theology and is structured by Ethics and Theology Subjects, keywords and 4550+ doctoral theses all in Spanish and Portuguese. Deivit Montealegre, Programme Executive for South America, represented the librarians, theologican and experts in applied ethics who worked on this collection.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Book and Collection launch
(From left to right: Deivit Montealegre, Nina Mariani Noor, Obiora Ike and Christoph Stückelberger - picture P. Williams /
With 12 different series, over 50 authors and more than 100 books, the Globethics Publications have proven to be a prolific and rich source for the dissemination of different perspectives on ethics.