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Media invitation to our Book Launch

Media Invitation
16 June 2016

When ethics reading relates to 

multicultural society and responsible leadership

You are invited to our Book and Ethics Collection Launch on Friday 24 June at 11.00am.
Venue: Ecumenical Centre (Main Hall), 150 route de Ferney, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
During the Global Ethics Forum 2016, the Globethics Publications will officially launch 
  • "Global Ethics for Leadership, Values and Virtues for Life" by Christoph Stückelberger, Walter Fust and Obiora Ike (in English)
  • "Global Ethics Applied (Volumes 1–4)" by Christoph Stückelberger (in English)
  •  "Keragaman Yang Mempersatukan (Uniting Diversity)" by Y. Sumardiyanto, Tituk Romadlona Fauziyah (in Indonesian)
  • Online "Latin American Ethics" Collection - more than 38,500 documents (in Portuguese and Spanish)
General information
The book launch will be facilitated by Ignace Haaz, Publications Manager.
The authors will be present and available for interviews upon request.
Global Ethics for Leadership, Values and Virtues for Life
Christoph Stückelberger, Walter Fust, Obiora Ike (eds.)
The need for global values in a globalised world is combined with the need for contextual identity. New nationalisms, protectionisms and fundamentalisms are mixed with a globalised pluralistic relativism. Are global values threatened by particular values? Find answers within the 32 articles of this book. In each of the articles the authors, who are all in one way or another linked to, writing from one of four continents, focus and develop on a particular value or virtue in a specific geographic, cultural or religious context.
Many of them also give an input to the understanding of the value-basis of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and give orientation for "values-driven leadership.
Global Ethics Applied (Volumes 1–4) 
Christoph Stückelberger
Global Ethics Applied' in four volumes is a reader of 88 selected articles from the author on 13 domains: Vol. 1 Global Ethics, Economic Ethics; Vol. 2 Environmental Ethics; Vol. 3 Development Ethics, Political Ethics, Dialogue and Peace Ethics, Innovation and Research Ethics, Information and Communication Ethics; Vol. 4 Bioethics and Medical Ethics, Family Ethics and Sexual Ethics, Leadership Ethics, Theological Ethics and Ecclesiology, Methods of Ethics. It concludes with the extended Bibliography of the author. Most of the articles are in English, some in German or French with English summaries.
The articles focus on concrete current topics and are addressed to practitioners, decision-makers in all sectors as well as academic teachers and student orientation for "values-driven leadership", a key vision and mission of
Keragaman Yang Mempersatukan (Uniting Diversity)
Visi Guru Tentang Etika Hidup Bersama Dalam Masyarakat Multikultural 
(Living together in multicultural society)
Y. Sumardiyanto, Tituk Romadlona Fauziyah (eds.)
This book was produced after a workshop for high school teachers on ethical issues in a multicultural society. In the process of writing this book, the teachers not only received input from the discussions in the workshop but also from the high school students, who were invited to read and then give their opinions and feedback to the authors. The book is expected to be reading material on ethics for the youth of Indonesia and could be a useful contribution to the contemporary Indonesian society which is increasingly diverse and faces many ethical dilemmas in the running life of the state and society.
Online Latin American Ethics Collection
This collection is a thematic effort that is been pursued by the South America Regional Programme team since 2011, thanks to a small hub of committed librarians, theologians and experts in applied ethics, who are doing the enormous work of submitting manually 34'000+ documents in the collection, identifying precise classification in Ethics and Theology. The collection is structured by Ethics and Theology Subjects, keywords and 4500+ doctoral theses all in Spanish and Portuguese have been added. This project aims to stimulate global and theological collaborative research on selected fields in Latin America. 
Media contact
Please RSVP to Loyola Ranarison, Programme Executive Digital and Communication
Email: - Tel: +41 22 791 63 36