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Students' Extracurricular Engagement

Day1, Lab 2. Moderator: Siti Syamsiyatun from Indonesia.

The workshop centred around the two contributions from Dorothy Gao Huan of the Centre of International Business and Economics (CIBE- University of Beijing) and Jennifer Nicolay, President of the Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice (Germany). The participants discussed two very different approaches to students' engagement in extra-curricula activities: Firstly, an institutional-driven initiative—the Vaccine programme of CIBE implemented in 2010—has resulted in thousands of students participating in exchange programmes and summer camps focused on social responsibility, essays competitions on ethical issues, etc. And secondly, a student led initiative with now 800 members throughout Germany, who engage in extra curricula activities on ethics and economics that range from eco fashion shows to advise for business enterprises on their implementation of the Global compact guidelines.

Both bring change by stimulating, provoking and engaging students to become active in promoting ethics and sustainability in businesses and both underlined the need to promote more widely the experiences and positive impact, some called it life-changing experiences, that these experiences bring to students' future lives.