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Transformative Teaching Methods

Day 1 - Lab 1. Moderator: Katrin Muff, Dean, Business School Lausanne, Switzerland
This session on transformative teaching methods was highly engaging and full of energy. It was in every bit highly participatory with key inputs from every member of the Lab. The goal was to study a workable value-driven approach to teaching and research. How can we make learning practical and effective? A difficult question. The varied perspectives from the participants provided an enlightening response to this question.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Lab 1 "Transformative Teaching Methods"
The revolutionary and collaborative teaching and research discussed in this lab was not limited to academia alone but also the business world. This spirit is needed in a multi-cultural environment where there is a great need to overcome personal differences and develop prototypes through a joint vision. We must think in a problem/solution manner. Quoting Albert Einstein, "No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it". Therefore every individual must raise their consciousness to understand clearly their roles in institutions and how those institutions shape society. This interactions needs to be managed intentionally.
The bottom-line in the transformative teaching method is that it is no longer about the teacher in front of the students—participatory learning is now the winning model.