Conference 2011

Geneva/Switzerland, 30 June to 1 July

The Value of Values in Business

Global Perspectives, Practical Solutions 

Global Ethics Forum 2011 Conference Report here.

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In the context of globalization, pervasive interdependency and profound economic, financial and political crises, shifts and new opportunities, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility are proving to be powerful drivers for sustainable economic development in association with innovative social progress and a wiser symbiosis with the environment. In all these domains, the proliferation of initiatives by a broad array of stakeholders has created the need for more efficient strategies and convergence towards shared objectives, policies and practices as well as for their conversion into operational and pragmatic solutions coherent with international and local priorities.

At the heart of this conversion process, international corporations and local enterprises are essential providers of trust and know-how to helpmaterialize ethics and corporate responsibility conceptual values into viable economic, social and environmental achievements that create more equitable wealth and well being, thereby demonstrating the value of values.

In order to achieve and maintain sustainable growth, build trust, gain and maintain credibility and an ethical reputation, corporations seek effective and innovative collaboration with stakeholders from nongovernmental organizations, governmental institutions, academic partners and think tanks for new and practical solutions. We do not want one more conference, but concrete results., the global ethics network of experts, institutions and individuals from all walks of life interested in applied ethics offers with its Global Ethics Forum an innovative global platform as a three year project (2011-2013).

For participants of the Global Ethics Forum only, an online workgroup "Global Ethics Forum Documentation" offers the presentations, the speeches, video and audio results of the forum. Participants are also welcome to upload documents according their workshop (ex. interesting article on the theme; papers written by participants). Make sure you are logged in to see the workgroup space.

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