Global Ethics Forum 2015

Global Ethics Forum 2015: cover of the conference brochure

Responsible Leadership in Action
The Value of Values

Global Ethics Forum 2015,
25-27 June, Geneva, Switzerland
Conference Brochure
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"Responsible Leadership" is's key topic of the year 2015. How do you become a responsible leader, and how do you improve your skills as a responsible leader in the business world, the public sector, academia, NGOs, and in religious organizations?

Responsible Leadership requires acknowledging that all actions are rooted in values systems and affect the world around us. Everyone has the potential to increase their impact and become a change-maker in their own environment.

Responsibility is related to responsiveness—responsiveness to the needs of those who are affected by one's actions. The actions of leaders have more impact than others, so leaders have a particular responsibility, no matter in what type of organisation they work and no matter on what continent.

In addition to a global media competition on Responsible Leadership, which is being rolled out through's Regional Programmes, and an online lecture series on the topic, the Global Ethics Forum (GEF) 2015 will bring together people and projects that concern themselves with Responsible Leadership. GEF 2015 comprises and refuels all of's activities on responsible leadership by integrating existing projects.

In addition to its traditional multi-geographical focus, for the first time GEF 2015 explicitly targets multistakeholder responsible leadership, the stakeholders being the business world, the public sector, academia, NGOs, and in religious organizations. With this broader view, embraces the special contribution it can provide.

Moreover, this year's forum's activities are directed towards action. The main goal is the collaborative elaboration of concrete solutions, based on the exchange of experience from concrete projects. This focus on action can be seen in both the programme and the format of the conference: workshops, rather than just plenary sessions, are the heart of the programme. Furthermore, in order to enable active participation and fruitful exchange with everyone, forum attendance has been limited to 80-120 persons.

We are looking forward to seeing many familiar and new faces, full of energy, in Geneva in June!