Gender and Theology
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A narrative inquiry of Sudanese Muslim women’s perceptions of their integration into the Finnish society in Jyvaskyla City
Framing Feminism: How Catholic Women Use Blogging to Navigate a “Secular” Discourse on Feminism Through a Religious Lens
Are women included in the private turn? : a case study on how women's empowerment is taken into account in Finnfund's investments to the global south
Unruly Difference: Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, and Catherine Keller and a Theopoetics of the Interreligious
Giving voice to the extra-normal self with the extra-normal voice: Improvised exploration through the realms of shamanic chaos magick, insight meditation and gender performance.
Os discursos sobre o véu : entre os códigos algorítmicos e culturais dos enunciados sobre o hijab no movimento iraniano My Stealthy Freedom
Sowing the seeds of food sovereignty or cultivating consent? The potential and limitations of Johannesburg’s community gardens.
Les femmes, les hérétiques et les marchands : trois groupes sociaux représentés sur la façade de l’église abbatiale de Saint-Gilles-du-Gard
Une perspective féministe islamique contemporaine dans un cadre théologique de libération
The impact of public secondary school education on the empowerment of Dalit women in Andhra Pradesh, South India
1 2 3 . . . 328