Leadership Centre: Inspiration, Training and Collaboration

Globethics.net as a global network of applied ethics manages and supports selected projects that implement ethical values from a global perspective in a concrete context.

We provide consulting and certification through capacity building with train-the-trainers programmes, curriculum development, joint research and publications.

Globethics Leardership Centre: Inspiration, Training and Collaboration

Our aim is to:

  • increase knowledge by online access to information and resources;
  • encourage dialogue and sharing by networking among people and partners;
  • promote reflection by research and publications and 
  • identify opportunities for joint action through special projects.

Special Projects - Online Courses, Training and Certification

The Globethics Leadership Centre is a research and training centre of Globethics.net supporting individuals and companies to impact the world through values-driven leadership.

Working with partners on different continents and with specific expertise, we unite an international pool of experts and trainers. Key topics of training and research are sustainability, transparency, accountability, management of resources, and values of leaders.

As of September 2017, the Globethics Leadership Centre is implementing a series of educational programmes initiated by the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education

  • Programme A: Certification of Institutions - Elaboration of ethics standards and benchmarking for ethical governance and management aiming at ranking and accreditation among Consortium members.
  • Programme B: Creation of the certified ethics professional qualification label for teaching professionals through our train-the-trainers programme.
  • Programme C: Provide students with tools and resources to access to quality education through our Joint Educational Projects in Ethics in Higher Education aiming at equal opportunities for employment.

IT Platform and Online Academic Support

These modules are provided by Globethics Academy, the online platform of the Consortium.