About the Leadership Centre


Our distinctions

Based on a universal set of values, we have an inclusive and collaborative approach to find
values-driven solutions for a better world across professions and sectors (business, non-profit, faith-based, …), across cultures and continents, across professional and private life.

Our vision

"Let us change together for a better world."
People taking responsible leadership seriously and seeking to change the world through a common set of universal values.

Our mission

"Let's find collaborative solutions for common problems."
To create a hub that inspires, connects, empowers people to practice out ethical leadership for positive impact.

Our values

"We treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves."
Fairness, efficiency, sustainability, care, trust, respect, responsibility, honesty.

Our services

Our services are based on three pillars: inspiration, training and collaboration.


  • Resources: publications, case studies, news on ethics and sustainability, practical guides, teaching material, best practice;
  • Innovation: on how to design and implement your values-driven actions and achieve positive change.


  • Mentorship on integrated thinking, applied ethics, leadership, and  sustainability/CSR;
  • Certification for small and medium enterprises in China;
  • Ethics training for SMEs;
  • Support in ethical questions for start-ups;
  • Training and research on church leadership.


  • Peer support: community  of values-driven individuals;
  • Globally connected and locally embedded;
  • Cross-fertilising different professions and working fields.