Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI)

Workgroup Information



Rev. Dr Dietrich Werner (International Program Coordinator, ETE/WCC )

Mélisande Lorke, MTh (GETI Project Assistant, ETE/WCC)



The GETI project (Global Ecumenical Theological Institute) is a major event for about 150 younger advanced theology students from all different regions of the world and all Christian denominational traditions. It will take place around the World Council of Churches' 10th Assembly in Busan/Korea in October/ November 2013. The project aims to bring those young theologians to the Assembly for an intensive theological course program for a period of 2 weeks. It focuses on ecumenism in the 21st century and will be a place for ecumenical leadership formation, intense theological learning and mutual dialogue. The GETI project is one of the ways by which the dimension of Διδαχή (ecumenical formation and theological education) will be highlighted during the assembly process as one of the four core dimensions of what is essential for being the church today (κοινωνία – Unity; μαρτυρία – Mission; διακονία – Justice and Peace; Διδαχή – Ecumenical Formation and Education).

The GETI project will be a special initiative which is prepared and supported by the Ecumenical Theological Education Programme of the WCC  in cooperation with Bossey Ecumenical Institute and a network of partnering theological colleges and associations of theological schools in both Korea and the regions.

Alongside the international GETI program there will be a Korean Ecumenical Theological Institute (KETI), which will be held in Korean language with up to 300 Korean theological students (only in Busan). One common session is being planned for GETI and KETI participants.

For further information:

WCC 10th Assembly in Busan/ Korea

Programme on Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE/ WCC)

Global Ecumenical Network of Young Theologians




This workgroup shall be a platform for exchange, communication and discussion between all participants of the GETI programme.


Working Methods

Through sharing information on ecumenism in the 21st century and giving practical information for the course in Busan/ Korea

Language(s): English. For other languages, contact the moderators.



Restricted to participants of the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute.


Time frame

15 February to 15 November 2013



- End of March 2013: nomination of participants 
   → invitations to join and constitution of the workgroup

- Beginning of April 2013: release of the GETI reader content

- End of May 2013: receipt of all confirmations by students on their participation

- Beginning of June 2013: print and launch of the GETI reader on ecumenism in the 21st century

- Feb to Oct 2013: preparation, exchange and discussions - reading and study of the GETI reader

- End of August 2013: receipt of all students paper on their ecumenical and ecclesial background

- 25 Oct to 9 Nov 2013: GETI course in Seoul and Busan/ Korea

- Nov 2013: evaluation and conclusion