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从我国劳工保障角度谈企业社会责任——利润最大化的另一蹊径 [Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of labor protection - another way to maximize profit]
中国企业慈善现状与发展创新 [Current situation, development and innovation of Chinese corporate philanthropy]
企业捐赠:慈善还是交换?——基于我国年度亏损上市公司的分析 [Corporate Donation: Charity or Exchange - Based on the Analysis of the Loss Listed Companies in China]
更好地实现行政伦理责任:防止利益冲突 [Better Fulfillment of Administrative Ethical Responsibility: Avoiding Conflicts of Interests]
加强企业环境责任意识,防治农村工业污染 [Strengthen Corporations’ Awareness of Environmental Responsibility and Prevent Industrial Pollution in Rural Areas]
不能忽视的“蓝色警报”——企业对海洋环境保护的社会责任探究 [A “Blue Alarm” which can’t be ignored--Analysis on Enterprises’ social responsibility of protecting oceanic environment]
基于“微型贷款”新慈善模式的企业社会责任探讨 [ Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Micro-Credit, a New Model of Charity]
欧盟对华CDM废物处置项目的企业社会责任实践 [Corporate Social Responsibility practice: EU’s CDM waste disposal projects in China -- an empirical analysis based on MATA-CDM-China model]
采掘业上市公司社会责任评价研究 [Evaluation research on listed companies in the extractive industry]
从供应链管理的角度浅析企业社会责任 [Analysis on the Corporate Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Supply Chain Management]
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