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Go to the Collection Articles offers to its registered participants the opportunity to submit their own documents in the library and therefore to make them available to the other participants.
The Library Submissions collection has around 87'000 articles and books submitted by participants, interns, external staff and staff at the Head Office in Geneva. The collection grows as more content is submitted. encourages its participants to use this tool for sharing knowledge with their peers. Sharing knowledge on ethics without barriers is at the center of the mission and authors of resources are the best placed people to support in this effort.

For authors on ethics, the benefits of sharing their documents are:

  • A direct participation in the elaboration of a truly global and ethical debate on global issues
  • A valuable help for their peers to find the documentation they need
  • Increase of the impact factor

The copyright remains with the author in any case and a publication in an open repository does not prevent an author from publishing his/her article later in a commercial journal. 

How to submit your documents.

Classification tree: Overview

            Subjects in Ethics     

            1 Global Ethics

            2 Methods of ethics
                     20 General and historical
                     21 Theological ethics
                     22 Philosophical ethics

            3 Metaethics
                     30 Moral judgement
                     31 Moral naturalism
                     32 Grounding on internal
                           ethical facts/
                           external social norms

                     33 Moral universalism/relativism
                     34 Moral reasoning and motivations
                     35 Theories of knowledge and
                           the grounding of ethics

                     36 Moral language/
                           moral expressionism

            4 Normative ethics
                     40 Deontology, duty based ethics
                     41 Utilitarianism/consequentialism
                     42 Virtue ethics
                     43 Moral psychology

            5 Ethics of law
                     50 Systems of/nature of law
                     51 Natural law theories
                     52 Legal positivism
                     53 Legal interpretation
                     54 Authority and the law
                     55 Rights based legal ethics
                     56 Criminal law ethics

            6 Political ethics
                     60 Ethics of political systems
                     61 Equality/varieties of
                     62 Ethics of Elections/Democracy
                     63 Freedom, Liberty and Toleration
                     64 Social contract
                     65 Political authority/consent/

                     66 Just war theories
                     67 Peace ethics
                     68 Governance and ethics
                     69 Development ethics
            7 Economic ethics
                     70 Business ethics
                     71 Ethics of economic systems
                     72 Labour/professional ethics
                     73 Corporate social responsibility
                     74 Codes of ethics
                     75 Trade ethics
                     76 Consumer ethics

            8 Social ethics
                     80 Sports ethics
                     81 Youth
                     82 Aging
                     83 Disability/mental disorder
                     84 Family ethics
                     85 Philanthropy
                     86 Sexual orientation/gender

            9 Community ethics
                     90 Lifestyle ethics
                     91 Racism
                     92 Migration ethics
                     93 Ethnicity and ethics
                     94 Minority ethics

           10 Cultural ethics
                   100 Media/communication/
                           information ethics

                   101 Anthropology
                   102 Cultural/intercultural ethics
                   103 Secularisation and ethics

           11 Education and ethics
                   110 Ideals of the human flourishing
                   111 Professional behaviour
                           in the education sector

                   112 Code of ethics for school

                   113 Ethics of teaching/inclusivity
                   114 Research ethics
                   115 Cheating and plagiarism
                   116 Combating corruption in education
                   117 Distance and open education
                   118 Integrated/balanced/interdisciplin-
                           ary education

           12 Bioethics
                   120 Bioethics
                   121 Medical ethics
                   122 Health ethics
           13 Environmental ethics
                   130 Resources ethics
                   131 Biodiversity ethics
                   132 Animal ethics
                   133 Ethics of global commons
                   134 Climate ethics

           14 Technology ethics
                   140 Biotechnologies and ethics
                   141 Engineering ethics
                   142 Machine ethics, robots
                           and nanotechnology

                   143 Ethics of artificial intelligence/
                           machine learning

                   144 Cyberethics/Information and
                           Communication Technology ICT

           15 Religious ethics
                   150 Comparative religious ethics
                   151 Specific religion, Buddhism
                   152 Specific religion, Christianity
                   153 Specific religion, Hinduism
                   154 Specific religion, Islam
                   155 Specific religion, Judaism
                   156 Spirituality and ethics

Subjects in Theology

1 Ecumenism
         11 Ecumenical Movement

2 Intercultural and contextual theologies
         21 Missiology
         22 Intercultural theologies
         23 Postcolonial theologies
         24 Gender and theology
         25 Feminist theologies
         26 Liberation theologies
         27 Indigenous theologies
         28 Latin American theologies

3 Christian denominations
         31 Roman Catholic
         32 Anglican
         33 Lutheran
         34 Methodist
         35 Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational
         36 Baptist, Adventist
         37 Pentecostal, Charismatic
         38 Evangelical

4 Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
         41 Christian-Jewish
         42 Christian-Muslim
         43 Sources, sacred texts
         44 Religious pluralism
         45 Theology of religions
         46 Sociology of religion
         47 History of religion
         48 Philosophy of religion
         49 Founders, leaders of religions

5 History of Christian missions

6 Biblical Theology
         61 Biblical hermeneutics, Interpretation
               of the Bible

         62 Biblical Theologies
         63 Intercultural Studies

7 Dogmatics
         71 Creator and Creation
         72 Jesus Christ
         73 The human being
         74 Salvation/liberation
         75 Public, political theology

8 Practical theology and theological education
         81 Teaching of theology, ecumenism, religions
         82 Liturgy, spiritual formation
         83 Ministerial and pastoral training
         84 Theological courses
         85 Theological schools, associations






































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