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Toward a Shared, Sustainable Future
TRANSLATION-The importance of the contribution of women to the light of Mary of Nazareth, Mother of God, In culture and in today’s Church
La importancia del aporte femenino a la luz de María de Na-zaret, la madre de Dios, en la cultura y en la iglesia actual
TRANSLATION – The language of the presence
The Hidden Feminine Tradition of Trinity
Journal of Dharma: Images of Self and Others
A Womanist Perspective on the Election of Donald Trump: What Pastors Are Called to Do
Reformed world [Vol. 66 (2017) no.2]
Chinese Theological Review [Vol. 28, 2017]
YANG TERLUPAKAN, YANG BERKARYA:Tinjauan atas Peran Perempuan Jawa dalam Tradisi Rewanguntuk Memahami Ulang Makna sebuah Karya
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