Global Survey on Ecotheology, Climate Justice
and Food Security

in Theological Education and Christian Leadership Development

March of the People's Summit at the Rio +20 meeting   Photo © Marcelo Schneider/WCC

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As climate change and ecological destruction become increasingly menacing for humanity, issues related to the environment, climate justice and food security provide a global challenge which needs also to be reflected in theological education, ecumenical formation and Christian leadership development worldwide.

The Global Survey on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security (ETCF) therefore seeks to map

  • the current situation of training, teaching and research on ETCF in theological education, ecumenical formation and Christian leadership development, and
  • resources and examples of good practice on ECTF that are available.

The survey is designed for professors, lecturers and students in theological education institutions of all kinds (theology faculties at public university, church-related theological colleges and seminaries, bible schools, lay academies, and extension or distance-learning courses, etc.)

It is also designed for those working for or linked to faith-based organisations, specialised ministries and NGOs that are working on these issues and have resources that could be used in programmes of theological education, formation and leadership development.

More information about the survey: FAQs | Confidentiality Policy

About the project

According to preliminary data, although much research and project related work has been done already on these topics in some regions, only in a few institutions of theological education and Christian leadership development do they form part of the regular curriculum of instruction and training or inform theological formation processes in an integrated perspective, especially within and in exchange with the global South.

A great potential therefore lies in discovering existing resources for the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from all contexts/regions.

This project therefore seeks:

  • to highlight and to make visible the contributions, resources and perspectives of eco-theology, climate justice and food security particularly (ETCF) from the churches of the South as often resources and contributions are only known and shared in the North.
  • to contribute to mainstreaming ecotheology, climate justice and food security issues (ETCF) as integral components in Christian leadership formation both in formal theological education as well as in non-formal programmes of Christian and development training in the global South.
  • to support and foster the relevance of ETCF in the awareness of churches in the global North and the global South in a period when global political negotiations on binding restrictions on CO2-emissions reach a certain climax (2015).
  • to contribute to international networking, exchange and South-South, North-South, and West-East networking between regional hubs of research and education in issues of ETCF issues.

More information can be found in the project description.

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