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null Library Overview 2018 - Building capacities through access to knowledge

The Library Team, committed for open and global access to knowledge
2018 has been an important and rich year for the growth of Library content, thanks to the creation of new collections, the submission of new journals and the strategic partnership with the University of Tübingen. This partnership has allowed the Library to offer more than 1.7 million records on theology and religious studies in different languages to the theologians who use the library. 
During the year librarians curated three new collections on Philosophical ethics, Sino-Christian studiesGender and theology, and developed further the collections on Climate ethics, Ecotheology and Elections and ethics, with more than 10,000, 5,000 and 15,700 documents respectively.

Rudolf Von Sinner on a lecture on Theology and educationRudolf Von Sinner delivering his lecture on current trends and challenges in ecumenisim and theological education in today's world, April 2018

Important contributions have been made in the area of ethics in higher education in the library with the addition of 13 new journals (see the List of journals).
Faithful to the commitment to open and global access, the Library provides these resources for free, and in different languages. The majority of documents are in English (over 2.3 million), followed by German (more than 1 million), Spanish (more than 735,000) and French (more than 714,000). 
On the occasion of the meeting of the Consortium of the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism, GlobeTheoLib for short, invited Dr Rudolf von Sinner, Professor of Systematic Theology, Ecumenism and Inter-religious Dialogue to give a public lecture on 13 April 2018. Prof. von Sinner provided a panoramic analysis of theological education in the context of the growing diversity of Christianity.
Integration of GlobeTheoLib in the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education
At its meeting in April 2018 members of the GlobeTheoLib Consortium representing world Christian communions, theological education institutions, networks and libraries discussed new developments, trends and projects in theological education, digital librarianship serving theological education and ecumenical studies and reviewed its strategy and budget plans for GlobeTheoLib. The decision was taken at the meeting to integrate the GlobeTheoLib Consortium into the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. The decision was taken on the condition that the GlobeTheoLib mission and legacy will continue, i.e. that the library will be maintained and further developed as a primary source for ecumenical and theological studies - supported by its current, future or former GlobeTheoLib Consortium members and other partners - under the auspices of  
GlobeTheoLib Consortium Members at the last Consortium Meeting at the John Knox Centre, Geneva, April 2018
GlobeTheoLib currently holds, after seven years of constant growth, over 4.4 million documents, with 32 specialised collections on ecumenism, intercultural and contextual theologies, world Christianity, religious ethics and interreligious dialogue (see our A to Z list).
The World Council of Churches (WCC) as's privileged partner and Co-founder of GlobeTheoLib is expected to continue to support GlobeTheoLib and theological education in higher theological education institutions along with former GlobeTheoLib Consortium members and other partners. The Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education offers its members not only free access to the wealth of digital resources of the library, including GlobeTheoLib, but also the various products and services of the Academy, the online learning and teaching platform of, as well as publications and wider network.
In addition this year the Library team had the help of a research fellowship MAS student from the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, James Miriago, a young African theologian from Kenya. During his research fellowship, James compiled two bibliographies in order to enrich's new collections on Election ethics and Gender and Theology: MIRIAGO, James Eroni. Bibliography on Election ethics in Africa. [online]. March 2018, available at; and MIRIAGO, James Eroni. Bibliography on Gender, Religion and Theology in Africa. [online]. March 2018, available at
Here is what James had to say about his research and his experience working at 
quotation marksIn my review of the work done by various scholars, I noted that unethical leadership in Africa frequently leads to persistent human rights violations, bad governance, dysfunctional institutions, patronage, electoral fraudulence, manipulation of ethnic differences, corruption and personalisation of power which hinders the prevalence of peace and social justice. However, the work of in collaboration with the WCC (World Council of Churches) aims to provide an array of resources in the form of e-journals, e-books, periodical articles, reports, theses and many other collections in different fields to address different issues.
During my time (at I had a great deal of research experience not only studying and learning how to use library information. Most of my experience was practical... What impressed me most was the diligence and effective work performance by the staff... we worked as a team which facilitated the sharing of ideas and achieving progress.Quotation mark