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War of Nerves. The Domestic Terror Threat and the Belgian Army
La théologie musulmane au risque de l’exégèse critique du Coran : méthodes et enjeux
War of nerves : the domestic terror threat and the Belgian army
Emotional Suffering in Criminal Punishment
Spiritual Battles of the Sage: 'walking in the way of his heart'. Transformation in 1QHodayot
Die Rolle der in Basel erstellten Dissertationen ungarländischer Medizinstudenten in der Erweiterung der medizinischen Kenntnisse im Laufe des 18. Jahrhunderts im Königreich Ungarn
Vladimir Lossky’s Involvement in the Dieu Vivant Circle and Its Journal: An Episode of the Encounter between the Orthodox Neo-Patristic Movement and the French Catholic Ressourcement
Dao and Spiritual-Clarity: The Two Faces of Heshang Gong
Responsible research and innovation and the challenge of co-creation
The Song of Songs. A Thorn in the Eye of Biblical Theology? [forthcoming]
1 2 3 . . . 470146