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Effect of locus of control on acceptability of euthanasia among medical students and residents in Denizli, Turkey
Nurses' professed knowledge of genetics and genetic counseling
Relationship of Knowledge and Attitude Towards Legal Abortion Laws with the Performance of Midwives in Qazvin, Iran
Principles of Compensation for the Transfer of Infectious Body Products in Islamic Jurisprudence
Female Genital Mutilation in the United States: Estimating the Number of Girls at Risk
The Web of Legal Protections for Participants in Genomic Research
Doctors' perceptions of how resource limitations relate to futility in end-of-life decision making: A qualitative analysis
Trans*+ and Intersex Representation and Pathologization: An Interdisciplinary Argument for Increased Medical Privacy
Reuse of cardiac organs in transplantation: an ethical analysis
Informed Consent and the Role of the Treating Physician
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