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Using brain-computer interfaces: a scoping review of studies employing social research methods
Side Effect Mitigation Methods for Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation
Body –to-head transplant; a "caputal" crime? Examining the corpus of ethical and legal issues
Dysfunctional autism risk genes cause circuit-specific connectivity deficits with distinct developmental trajectories
Socioeconomic status and the brain: prospects for neuroscience-informed policy
Timing of repetition suppression of event-related potentials to unattended objects
We Can, But Should We? A Response to Ethical Analysis of Brain Augmentation and Nanotechnology
Ethical Analysis of Brain Augmentation Through Nanotechnology
The Ethical Justification of Equal Candidacy for Organ Transplantation in Alcoholic Patients
NIA-AA Research Framework: Toward a Biological Definition of Alzheimer's Disease
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