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Perspectives on Health and Cultural Pluralism: Ethics in Medical Education
Human Rights, Cultural Pluralism, and International Health Research
生命伦理构建的多元境遇方向[multi-situation direction built by Bioethics ]
对孔孟“死”伦理的考察[On Confucius and Mencius' "Death" Ethics]
从儒家伦理论母亲胎儿关系[On relationship between mother and fetus from the view of Confucian]
生命的科学、哲学与神学的后现代陈述[Post-modern statement of life sciences, philosophy and theology]
道德、宗教和文化的完整性:对跨文化伦理学及公共政策论的意义[Moral, religious and cultural integrity: the significance of cross-cultural ethics and public policy]
人类生育技术化与传统伦理框架的开放[Think About the Phenomenon of Technicalization of Human Procreation]
从宗教与伦理的互动看人类胚胎干细胞研究的风险应对机制[Risk coping mechanisms to embryonic stem cell research from the view of the interaction of religion and ethics]