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Informed Consent in Human Subject Research: A Comparison of Current International and Nigerian Guidelines
The Construction of Human Experimentation Ethics: Catholic Voices in Context
Jewish Halachic Medical Ethics and Human Experimentation
Ethics in Human Experimentation: The Two Military Physicians Who Helped Develop the Nuremberg Code
Medical Ethics and Human Experimentation in France After 1945
Henry K. Beecher and Maurice Pappworth: Honor in the Development of the Ethics of Human Experimentation
The Women Radium Dial Painters as Experimental Subjects (1920- 1990), Or: What Counts as Human Experimentation?
The "Death Dance of Lubeck": Julius Moses and the German Guidelines for Human Experimentation, 1930
Human Experimentation in the Czech Republic During the Last Decades
"It Seemed About Time to Try One of Those Modern Medicines": Animal and Human Experimentation in the Chemotherapy of Sleeping Sickness 1905-1908
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