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“Patients’ interests first, but … ”–Austrian Veterinarians’ Attitudes to Moral Challenges in Modern Small Animal Practice
No More, Monsanto. A Comprehensive Review of the Most Hated Agriculture/Biotechnology/Chemical/Confectionery/Pharmaceutical Company in America.
Recent efforts to elucidate the scientific validity of animal-based drug tests by the pharmaceutical industry, pro-testing lobby groups, and animal welfare organisations
Using animal-derived constituents in anaesthesia and surgery: the case for disclosing to patients
Treball animal: Implicacions ètiques i jurídiques
A framework for the ethical assessment of chimeric animal research involving human neural tissue
An evaluation of perspectives on animal researches of Baskent University term II students in Faculties of Medicine and Law
Keeping and Killing: The Nature of Animal-Human Relationships
Complex mediascapes, complex realities: critically engaging with biotechnology debates in Ghana
How biological background assumptions influence scientific risk evaluation of stacked genetically modified plants: an analysis of research hypotheses and argumentations
1 2 3 . . . 36