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How Effective Is Dog Culling in Controlling Zoonotic Visceral Leishmaniasis? A Critical Evaluation of the Science, Politics and Ethics Behind This Public Health Policy
Bioethics in Perspective: Corporate Power, Public Health and Political Economy
FDA Regulation of Tobacco: Politics, Law, and the Public's Health
Political Context of the World Health Organization: Sugar Industry Threatens to Scupper the WHO
Public Health Ethics: Asylum Seekers and the Case for Political Action
Ethics, Politics, and Priorities in the Italian Health-Care System
Health and nurturing for body, mind, and soul: the German Müttergenesungswerk between family politics and health care
Culture Wars in New York State: Ongoing Political Resistance by Religious Groups to the Family Health Care Decisions Act
The Law, the Market, and the Health of the Body Politic
Hobbes, Maimonides, Health Care Reform, and Tzelem Elohim: The Political Theology of Universal Health Care
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