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Ethics, Politics, and Priorities in the Italian Health-Care System
Unequal by Design: Health Care, Distributive Justice, and the American Political Process
Bioethics in Perspective: Corporate Power, Public Health and Political Economy
Health and nurturing for body, mind, and soul: the German Müttergenesungswerk between family politics and health care
Universal Health Care, American Pragmatism, and the Ethics of Health Policy: Questioning Political Efficacy
The Ethics and Cultural Politics of Reproductive Health Warnings: A Case Study of Proposition 65
How Effective Is Dog Culling in Controlling Zoonotic Visceral Leishmaniasis? A Critical Evaluation of the Science, Politics and Ethics Behind This Public Health Policy
Public Health Ethics: Asylum Seekers and the Case for Political Action
Culture Wars in New York State: Ongoing Political Resistance by Religious Groups to the Family Health Care Decisions Act
Political Context of the World Health Organization: Sugar Industry Threatens to Scupper the WHO
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