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Remote Health Care at U.S. Antarctic Stations: A Comparison with Standard Emergency Medical Practice
Génétique médicale et loi de réforme de la biologie
Legislation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Europe: : a fragmented regulatory landscape
Human Dignity as a Normative Standard or as a Value in Global Health Care Decisionmaking
Legislation on biotechnology in the Nordic countries : – an overview 2017
Assistierter Suizid: Der Stand der Wissenschaft mit einem Kommentar zum neuen Sterbehilfe-Gesetz
In between taboo and double standard: Abortion, rights of LGTB persons and assisted reproductive tecnologies in Argentina
Litigation, Legislation, and Ethics. Determining a National Standard of Care
The Tyranny of Judicial Formalism: Oral Directives and the Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard
The Science, Law, and Politics of Fetal Pain Legislation
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