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Forensic DNA phenotyping in Europe:views “on the ground” from those who have a professional stake in the technology
Forensic psychiatry, one subspecialty with two ethics? A systematic review
Ethical considerations in forensic genetics research on tissue samples collected post-mortem in Cape Town, South Africa
Healer, Witness, or Double Agent? Reexamining the Ethics of Forensic Psychiatry
Archives of Forensic Medicine and Criminology
Professionalism in Forensic Bioethics
Howard Zonana and the Transformation of Forensic Psychiatry
Forensic Evaluations and Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse
AAPL Practice Guideline for Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation of Defendants Raising the Insanity Defense
Gerhart Panning (1900-1944): A German Forensic Pathologist and His Involvement in Nazi Crimes During Second World War
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