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Viewing “p” through the lens of the philosophy of medicine
Dignity: A Salient Concept in Philosophy of Medicine
A Confucian Philosophy of Medicine and Some Implications
Letter to the Editor Concerning the Article: "Equity and Resource Allocation in Health Care: Dialogue Between Islam and Christianity", by Christoph Benn and Adnan A. Hyder, Published in Medicine, Heal...
Meaning and Medicine: A Reader in the Philosophy of Health Care, by James Lindemann Nelson and Hilde Lindemann Nelson
The Impact of Ethics Philosophy on Moral Decision-Making in Medicine
Philosophy, Ethics, Medicine and Health Care: The Urgent Need for Critical Practice
Ethics, Philosophy, and Evidence Based Medicine
Introducing the Emergence-Discourse Method to Philosophy of Medicine and Bioethics: In Search for Rational Comprehension for Individual Health
Ideal, Fact, and Medicine: A Philosophy for Health Care
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