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Diagnóstico genético pré-implantação (DGPI): uma eugenia mascarada?
Cognitive enhancement with brain implants: the burden of abnormality
Reflexiones bioéticas en el tratamiento de la sordera con implantes cocleares
Cochlear Implants, the Deaf Culture, and Ethics -- a Study of Disability, Informed Surrogate Consent, and Ethnocide
Ethical Analysis of Withdrawal of Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter-Defribrillator Support at the End of Life
Ethical Conflicts in Caring for Patients With Cochlear Implants
The Future of Implantable Neuroprosthetic Devices: Ethical Considerations
Science, Justice, and Breast Implants: Editor's Note
Ethics in Implant Dentistry
The Ethics of Forced Birth Control Implants
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