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Global injustice in sport: The Caster Semenya ordeal – prejudice, discrimination and racial bias
The case for and against harm reduction approaches to drugs in sport
Steroid Use and Special Prostheses: Halachic Evaluation of Two Issues in Sports, Medicine and Technology
Sponsorship of Physical Activity Programs by the Sweetened Beverages Industry: Public Health or Public Relations?
Ethnographic Study of Alternative Sports by Alternative Means: List Mining as a Method of Data Collection
Writing a New Code of Ethics for Sports Physicians: Principles and Challenges
Ethics and the Athlete: Why Sports Are More Than a Game but Less Than a War
The Unique Ethics of Sports Medicine
The Competing Demands of Sport and Health: An Essay on the History of Ethics in Sports Medicine
The Ethics of Doping and Anti-Doping: Redeeming the Soul of Sport?
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