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Escaping Death: Naloxone's Chemical Nature and Potential to Combat the Opioid Epidemic
A scoping review of reporting ‘Ethical Research Practices’ in research conducted among refugees and war-affected populations in the Arab world
A glance into how the cold war and governmental loyalty investigations came to affect a leading U.S. radiation geneticist: Lewis J. Stadler’s nightmare
From Goya to Afghanistan -- an Essay on the Ratio and Ethics of Medical War Pictures
Military Medicine and the Ethics of War: British Colonial Warfare During the Seven Years War (1756-63)
The Impact of Conflict and War on International Nursing and Ethics
Combating Junior Doctors' "4am Logic": A Challenge for Medical Ethics Education
British Research Ethics After the Second World War: The Controversy at the British Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital
Images of War and Medical Ethics: Physicians Should Not Permit Filming of Their Patients Without Consent
Ethics and the Athlete: Why Sports Are More Than a Game but Less Than a War
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