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Recent efforts to elucidate the scientific validity of animal-based drug tests by the pharmaceutical industry, pro-testing lobby groups, and animal welfare organisations
Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Neighborhood: A multi-method analysis of online discourse amongst Black and Hispanic Youth
Establishing trust in HIV/HCV research among people who inject drugs (PWID): Insights from empirical research
Patterns of Regularity Noncompliance Identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Their Effects on Meta-analyses
Corruption practices in drug prescribing in Vietnam – an analysis based on qualitative interviews
Using Community Engagement Tools to Develop More Successful Harm-Reduction Strategies Among People Who Use Intravenous Drugs
Allocation of antiretroviral drugs to HIV-infected patients in Togo: perspectives of people living with HIV and healthcare providers
Expanding the network: when the drug user accesses psychosocial care through primary care services
The case for and against harm reduction approaches to drugs in sport
Ethical Imperatives of Timely Access to Orphan Drugs: Is Possible to Reconcile Economic Incentives and Patients’ Health Needs?
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