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The concept of "Medical Ethics" according to doctors and nurses and their demands from Ethicists in Turkey
Off with Their Heads! How China's Controversial Human Head-Transplant Procedure Exceeds the Parameters of International Ethical Standards in Human Experimentation
Abortion in Islamic Ethics, and How It is Perceived in Turkey: A Secular Muslim Country
Mutuality in policy making: the ethical experiences and intuitions of doctors who engage in policy concerned with health care resource allocation
Structural analysis of the Polish Code of Medical Ethics
A systematic analysis of the Polish Code of Medical Ethics
Global health ethics: critical reflections on the contours of an emerging field, 1977–2015
Do we understand the intervention? What complex intervention research can teach us for the evaluation of clinical ethics support services (CESS)
Implementing ethics reflection groups in hospitals: an action research study evaluating barriers and promotors
Do codes of ethics and position statements help guide ethical decision making in Australian immigration detention centres?
1 2 3 . . . 1713