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A safe glimpse within the "black box"? Ethical and legal principles when assessing digital marketing of food and drink to children
Ren as a Guideline for Solving Military Medical Ethics Violations in S.E.R.E.
A survey in Mexico about ethics dumping in clinical research
Huge variation in obtaining ethical permission for a non-interventional observational study in Europe
Perioperative Ethics and Patient Safety
Reimagining Icarus: Ethics, Law and Policy Considerations for Commercial Human Spaceflight
Exploring every ethical avenue. Commentary: The Moral Obligation to Prioritize Research Into Deep Brain Stimulation Over Brain Lesioning Procedures for Severe Enduring Anorexia Nervosa
In response to Ballantyne and Schaefer's 'Consent and the ethical duty to participate in health data research'
Ethical issues in denial of church wedding based on couple’s hemoglobin genotype in Enugu, south eastern Nigeria
Ethical aspects in managing patients diagnosed with digestive cancers; a review of literature
1 2 3 . . . 1698