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Effect of Exposure to Quran Recitation on Cell Viability, Cell Migration, and BCL2L12 Gene Expression of Human Prostate Adenocarcinoma Cell Line in Culture
IJEPA: Gray Area for Health Policy and International Nurse Migration
How Cuba's Latin American School of Medicine Challenges the Ethics of Physician Migration
Take a Stand Commentary: How Can Medical Anthropologists Contribute to Contemporary Conversations on "Illegal" Im/migration and Health?
The Ethics of Nurse Migration: An Evolution of Community Change
Operando X-ray Tomographic Microscopy Imaging of HT-PEFC: A Comparative Study of Phosphoric Acid Electrolyte Migration
The Great Migration : Urban Aspirations
The Great Migration : Urban Aspirations
Health status and mortality rates of adolescents and young adults in the Brussels-Capital Region: differences according to region of origin and migration history
Modernising the regulation of medical migration: moving from national monopolies to international markets
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