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Key Ethical Issues Discussed at CDC-Sponsored International, Regional Meetings to Explore Cultural Perspectives and Contexts on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response
Rethinking Biosafety in Research on Potential Pandemic Pathogens
Anti-Theory in Action? Planning for Pandemics, Triage and ICU Or: How Not to Bite a Bullet
Pandemic Influenza Triage in the Clinical Setting
Pandemic Influenza: Human Rights, Ethics and Duty to Treat
Planning and Response to the Influenza a (H1N1) Pandemic: Ethics, Equity and Justice
Pandemic Preparedness in Asia: A Role for Law and Ethics?
Enhancing the Fairness of Pandemic Critical Care Triage
Airports, Localities and Disease: Representations of Global Travel During the H1N1 Pandemic
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions to Limit the Transmission of a Pandemic Virus: The Need for Complementary Programs to Address Children's Diverse Needs
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