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Presenters or Patients? A Crucial Distinction in Individual Health Assessments
Abortion in Islamic Ethics, and How It is Perceived in Turkey: A Secular Muslim Country
Etički aspekti organizacijske kulture na Klinici za kirurgiju KBC-a Zagreb
Building a License to Lead : Hoe zorgbestuurders bouwen aan draagvlak om te besturen
Mutuality in policy making: the ethical experiences and intuitions of doctors who engage in policy concerned with health care resource allocation
E-paciente y ética médica en las redes sociales
Hygea y la virtud o recordando a Protágoras: diálogo sobre ética de la salud comunitaria. Informe SESPAS 2018
Determinants in Opinions Regarding Euthanasia in a Sample of Portuguese Medical Doctors
Bioethics, Gender and Human Development in the Brazilian Educational Process
Leo Pessini: a bioethicist of hope
1 2 3 . . . 5387