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Christians and Vedic Sacrifice: Comparing Communitarian Sacrificial Soteriologies
Book Review: La Bible et la Veda comme parole de Dieu: un essai en theologie comparée
The Pitfalls of Trying to Be Different
The Śāntyudakavidhi in the Atharvavedic Tradition
Book Review: "Bringing the Sacred Down to Earth: Adventures in Comparative Religion," Corinne G. Dempsey
Book Review: "Ramanuja and Schleiermacher: Toward a Constructive Comparative Theology," Jon Paul Sydnor
Announcement: Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies
‘Where did you hide?’ Locating the divine in the Cántico espiritual and Rāsa Līlā
Book Review: "The New Comparative Theology: Interreligious Insights from the Next Generation"
Editor's Introduction
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