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This collection contains articles and chapters of books published by the Humanistic Management Center. Please folllow the links below to get to the first chapter of each book, research article, journalistic and miscellaneous article and to presentations.

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About the Humanistic Management Center

The Humanistic Management Center is an independent think and action tank that provides thought leadership, learning offers and knowledge application services to nourish the paradigm shift towards a live-conducive, humanistic economic model.

We argue that turning market economies into market societies means biting the hand that feeds us for we put at risk the very foundations of social peace and cohesion as well as the natural capacity of our planet, which are indispensable for a thriving market economy. Consequently, business leaders, policy makers, and academics need to look for prescriptions that are based on an understanding of human nature that goes beyond the reductionist homo oeconomicus model. Only by overcoming this distorted view of humanity in which individuals are little more than permanently utility calculating man-machines, will we be able to generate and sustain personal wellbeing and prosperity in a global economy that allows us to enjoy the benefits of markets within societies.

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