Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies
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Morocco protest movements in the post-constitutional reform
The implementation of sharia bylaws and its negative social outcome for Indonesian women
Islamic psychotherapy formulation: considering the Shifaul Qalbi Perak Malaysia psychotherapy model
Ali Shari’ati’s revolutionary Islamic thought and its relevance to the contemporary socio-political transformation
Spirituality, dual career family worker, demographic factors, and organizational commitment: evidence from religious affairs in Indonesia
The typology of Muhammadiyah Sufism: tracing its figures’ thoughts and exemplary lives
Social contexts of exclusionary reactions: study on Muslim and Christian relation in the city of Ambon
To research online or not to research online: using internet-based research in Islamic Studies context
Healthy-minded religious phenomenon in shalawatan: a study on the three majelis shalawat in Java
The language construction of Muslims as the others in French contemporary discourses
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