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Institute for Business Ethics St. Gallen (Switzerland)

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This is a collection of documents, conference papers, published by the "Institut für Wirtschaftsethik" (IWE)

The Institute for Business Ethics (IWE) is an internationally known center focusing on research and teaching in the field of business ethics. The Institute  was founded in 1989, making it one of the longest-running business ethics institutes in the world.

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Institute for Business Ethics St. Gallen
Organisationales Lernen in Legitimitätskrisen (Organisational Learning and Crises of Legitimacy )
Die gesellschaftliche Einbettung der Marktwirtschaft als Kernproblem des 21. Jahrhunderts (Perceiving Market Economy as a Core Problem of the 21st Century)
Die gesellschaftspolitische Bedeutung der «Wissensgesellschaft» (The Sociopolitical Significance of the "Knowledge Society")
Civilizing the Market Economy