Institute of Sino-Christian Studies
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A "Nonreligious" Christianity and An "Atheist" Theology [Editorial Foreword]
朝向一種非宗教的基督教 [Toward a Nonreligious Christianity ]
玫瑰無意——對後期海德格爾的一種解讀 [The Rose is Without Why: An Interpretation of Later Heidegger]
網絡化的宗教 [Networking Religion ]
漢語《中國基督(新)教史》之書寫及其問題意識 [Rethinking the Writing of the General History of Chinese Christianity ]
齊澤克反轉邏輯下的“基督犧牲” [Žižek's Interpretation of "Christ's Sacrifice" in his Reverse Logic ]
“良心”的自覺——《農夫皮爾斯》中的教會與改革 [Consciousness of "Conscience": Church and Reform in Piers Plowman ]
論帕切斯“朝聖”中的世界觀念和開拓思想 [On World conception and the Pioneering Spirit of Samuel Purchas' "Pilgrimage" ]
第十一屆“神學與人文學”暑期學術研討班綜述 [Review of the 11th Summer Institute On Theology and the Humanities ]
身體——耶稣基督被移位的身體 [Bodies: The Displaced Bodies of Jesus Christ]
1 2 3 . . . 82