Collection Description

The International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP)

This collections contains most of the working papers, prepared by the ICHRP during its 14 years if existence.

Between 1998 and 2012 it undertook thirty-five major research projects addressing a wide range of policy questions and providing a forum for applied research, reflection and forward thinking.

The International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP) closed down in February 2012 as a result of the difficult economic conditions.

GNHRE (Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment) is proud to carry on the legacy of the ICHRP preserving its full archive of over 35 reports and summaries and 200 working papers covering a wide range of human rights policy issues via its website (

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New Articles

The International Council on Human Rights Policy
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Turku/Åbo Declaration of Minimum Humanitarian Standards (1990)