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Basic information:

The IRIE is the official scientific review of the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE). It envisions an international as well as intercultural discussion focusing on the ethical impacts of information technology on human practices and thinking, social interaction, other areas of science and research and the society itself.
Information ethics as understood here deals with ethical questions in the field of digital production and reproduction of phenomena and processes such as the exchange, combination and use of information. Maintaining a broad focus on the corresponding ethical issues and being open for the fast developments in the field the IRIE is particularly devoted to ethical questions of all kinds of digital devices affecting through their code and/or content social interaction as raised in:

    the internet
    computer science (computer ethics)
    library and information science

The journal seeks to be a general forum for ethical scholarship, research and discussion in these areas and seeks to publish the best available scientific works concerned. Contributions should deal with a critical analysis of ethical questions in any of the above mentioned fields taking into consideration the following perspectives:

    the development of moral standards, norms or values
    the creation of (new) power structures
    information visions and myths
    hidden contradictions and intentionalities in information theories, ethics and practices

The IRIE envisions to allow for an international as well as intercultural discussion amongst peers.




The library contains all the articles of IRIE from vol. 1, 2004 to vol. 17, 2012.

Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the journal.

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  • Economic ethics
    • Technologies and ethics
  • Cultural ethics
    • Media/communication ethics
  • Methods of ethics
    • Philosophical ethics