Interreligious Dialogue
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Educational Ideas of Annie Besant
Teaching zambian traditional religions in religious education: methodological considerations
A Phenomenological Study of Academic Leaders at the Marianist University in the Democratic Republic of Congo
İbn Haldun’un İlim ve Eğitim Anlayışının Almanya’daki Müslümanlar İçin Önemi
DMT and “The Man Box:” Provoking Change and Encouraging Authentic Living, An Arts-Based Project
The Church and Social Responsibility: Contributions to Contemporary Social Ethics from the Ecumenical Social Method of the Oxford Conference on Church, Community, and State of 1937
John Duns Scotus On the Trinitarian Center of the Graced Life
Nature of the Orthodox Religious Education in Finland according to Curricula in Basic Education
The historical and religious antecedents of the New Beacon Series in Religious Education (1937)
The Methodist contribution to education in Eastern Nigeria, 1893-1960
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