Interreligious Dialogue
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South African discourse on the Triune God: Some reflections
To feel with and for Friedrich Schleiermacher: On religious experience
Studying Sacred Texts as a Pathway to Positive Youth Development: Middle School Students Read Hebrew Bible
When the Truth Is Not What Actually Happened: The Epistemology of Religious Truth in Orthodox Jewish Bible Study
“Looking for the Zohar in the New Testament”. The Lost Messias puer of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth between Kabbalah and Biblical Studies
Strong religion in a secular society:The case of orthodox reformed schools in the Netherlands
Men serving long-term sentences in Zonderwater Correctional Centre, South Africa: Religious identity and behavioural change
Carceral Hermeneutics: Discovering the Bible in Prison and Prison in the Bible
Strong Religion in a Secular Society: The Case of Orthodox Reformed Schools in The Netherlands
Negotiating Language and Religion in Umayyad Córdoba:: Ḥafṣ b. Albar alQūṭī’s Arabic Psalter
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