Interreligious Dialogue
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Interreligious Dialogue in Jesus Christ
Renunciant Stories Across Traditions: A Novel Approach to the Acts of Thomas and the Buddhist Jātakas
Dienende Leiterschaft im interkultureller Spannung
Territory, Relationship or Path: A Brief Survey in Metaphors of “Double Religious Belonging”
Концентрированая мудрость человеческой цивилизации
Interreligious Dialogue
翻譯佛學——李提摩太對《西遊記》的基督教诠釋 [Translating Buddhism: Timothy Richard's Christian Interpretation of The Journey to the West ]
从比较到协作:基于基督教与佛教对话的理论与实践——与詹姆士•弗雷德里克的访谈 ["From Comparison to Cooperation: An Interview with James Federicks about Interreligious Dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism " ]
Religious education in the secondary school: An introduction to teaching, learning and the world religions
Becoming God, Becoming the Buddha: The Relation of Identity and Praxis in the Thought of Maximus the Confessor and Kūkai
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