Interreligious Dialogue
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Unruly Difference: Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, and Catherine Keller and a Theopoetics of the Interreligious
Pembacaan Lintas Tekstual: Tantangan Ber-Hermeneutik Alkitab Asia (2)
Interfaith Chaplaincy as Interpretive Hospitality
La médiation anthropologique dans le dialogue interreligieux
Four Ways to Another Religion’s Ultimate
Y vosotros ¿quien decís que soy Yo?
Transformative Readings of Sacred Scriptures: Christians and Muslims in Dialogue
‘Responsible Interim’: Revising Hermeneutics and Ethics in the Era of Globalization and Religious Plurality. Philosophical and Sociological Reflections on the Modern State of Religion
Muqātil ibn Sulaymān: a neglected figure in the early history of Qur'ānic Commentary
Myself, Only Moreso
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