Interreligious Dialogue
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When the Spirit Is Ill: Sacred Arts and Religious Healing in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo
South African discourse on the Triune God: Some reflections
The cross and the crescent in East Africa : an examination of the reasons behind the change in Christian-Muslim relations in Tanzania 1984-1994
Bound by Silence: Psychological Effects of the Traditional Oath Ceremony Used in the Sex Trafficking of Nigerian Women and Girls
The Collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989: A Historical Turning Point for South Africa, with Reference to Religion / Religious Education
A Phenomenological Study of Academic Leaders at the Marianist University in the Democratic Republic of Congo
DMT and “The Man Box:” Provoking Change and Encouraging Authentic Living, An Arts-Based Project
Metamorfoses identitárias de lideranças religiosas não iorubás inspiradas no convívio com lideranças religiosas iorubás 
Mattingly, Alix, b. 1990 (FA 1287)
Curating Violence: Reflecting on Race and Religion in Campaigns for Decolonizing the University in South Africa
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