Interreligious Dialogue
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Without a Profession: The Politics of Being and Becoming and American Imam
When the Spirit Is Ill: Sacred Arts and Religious Healing in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Erickson's study of the identity crisis in adolescence and its implications for religious education
Jews and Muslims under Christian rule in the Iberian Peninsula in the mirror of fueros and cartas de población, c. 1017-1189
La philosophie avec les enfants : un outil à l’éducation à la tolérance au Québec
Framing Feminism: How Catholic Women Use Blogging to Navigate a “Secular” Discourse on Feminism Through a Religious Lens
The cross and the crescent in East Africa : an examination of the reasons behind the change in Christian-Muslim relations in Tanzania 1984-1994
Unruly Difference: Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, and Catherine Keller and a Theopoetics of the Interreligious
Cathedrals and the Church of England, c.1660-1714
Islamophobia in France: A Struggle Between Religious and National Identity
1 2 3 . . . 342