Interreligious Dialogue
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Dimensions of Muslim unity in Russia, 1905-1917
Jews and Muslims under Christian rule in the Iberian Peninsula in the mirror of fueros and cartas de población, c. 1017-1189
Religious Education in Zambia: At the crossroads
Religious Education confessional or educational?
Faith-based organisations as welfare providers in Brazil: the conflict over gender in cases of domestic violence
Uma narrativa sobre o massacre de Lisboa : a emergência do discurso de ódio nos panfletos da testemunha anônima alemã
Scriptural Reasoning among Jews and Muslims in London: Dynamics of an Inter-Religious Practice
Theology of Religions and Intertextuality: A Case Study of Christian–Confucian and Islamic–Confucian Dialogue in the Early 20th-Century China
“I Feel as Though I’m Doing the Job of the Imam for Them”: Considering ‘Tactical’ Muslim Leadership Through the Case of ‘Muslim RE Teachers’
What’s Wrong To Kosova’s Peacebulding?
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