Islamic Ethics
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Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya [Table of Contents]
The Relationship between Islamic Work Ethics and Spiritual Intelligence with Work Life Quality
Urban Lifestyle in Pre-Islamic Iran
The virtue of temperance and the vice of overindulgence: A case study of perceptions in Muslim households
An annotated translation of the manuscript Irshad Al-MuqallidinʾInda Ikhtilaf Al-Mujtahidin (Advice to the laity when the juristconsults differ) by Abu Muhammad Al-Shaykh Sidiya Baba Ibn Al-Shaykh Al-...
An annotated translation of the Manuscript IRSHĀD AL-MUQALLIDĪN ʾINDA IKHTILĀF AL-MUJTAHIDĪN (Advice to the laity when the juristconsults differ) and a synopsis and commentary of its dominant themes
Organ donation: ‘Redressing the reality’
Three British Muftis understanding of organ transplantation
Pedagogies of Transformation: Teaching and Learning Muslim Ethics in Greater Paris
Looking for the Human: Sufism, Subjectivity, and Modernity in Iran
1 2 3 . . . 806