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Journal for the Study of Spirituality is an exciting new international peer-reviewed journal. Its intention is to create a unique interdisciplinary, inter-professional and cross-cultural forum where researchers, scholars and others engaged in the study and practices of spirituality can share and debate the research, knowledge, wisdom and insight associated with spirituality and contemporary spirituality studies.
The Journal is affiliated to the British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS). BASS organises a biennial international conference and welcomes enquiries about membership from those interested in the study of spirituality in the UK and worldwide.
The journal is concerned with what spirituality means, and how it is expressed, in individuals' lives and communities and in professional practice settings; and with the impact and implications of spirituality in, and on, social policy, organizational practices and personal and professional development. The journal recognises that spirituality and spiritual values can be expressed and studied in secular contexts, including in scientific and professional practice settings, as well as within faith and wisdom traditions.
Thus, Journal for the Study of Spirituality particularly welcomes contributions that:

  • identify new agendas for research into spirituality within and across subject disciplines and professions;
  • explore different epistemological and methodological approaches to the study of spirituality;
  • introduce comparative perspectives and insights drawn from different cultures and/or professional practice settings;
  • aim to apply and develop sustained reflection, investigation and critique in relation to spirituality and spiritual practices;
  • critically examine the values and presuppositions underpinning different forms of spirituality and spiritual practices;
  • incorporate different forms of writing and expressions of spirituality.

ISSN: 2044-0243 (print) 2044-0251 (online)


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