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The Journal of Adult Theological Education is an academic, peer-reviewed journal that promotes dialogue among those involved in adult theological education, whether aimed at the laity or ministry. Its perspective is both international and ecumenical. Its contribution to this field is both theoretical and practical and we encourage original research. The journal welcomes articles and book reviews or proposals for themed issues on specific aspects of the field.
JATE began life as a British Journal reflecting on methodology and pedagogy in adult theological education and that has remained the focus since it became an international journal from 2005. As we emphasise reflection and research on pedagogy (some would use the term andragogy) we make a particular contribution and therefore complement more technically focussed journals such as Theological Education and Teaching Theology and Religion.
Articles range widely; adult faith formation in congregations through both formal and informal learning; aspects of pedagogy and ministerial formation in formal university, seminary and theological college settings; lifelong learning for ministers, to name a few. We welcome articles from first-time researchers and writers who have not published yet. We seek to expand the breadth of the journal such that we welcome articles from faiths other than Christian and from as wide a range of countries and places as theological education takes place. 

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